This is strange, indeed.

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About Me

i have a cat named giorgio.
actually, he ran away a few months ago, but i dont have the heart to delete that sentence.
i love the night sky, the color orange, and hot chocolate. i like hawaii, california, and the french language. i reblog what i like, and dont post much else.

oh, and. your mom.

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  7. "Just because you are home doesn’t mean you are no longer a traveler. Travel is part of your identity, it is in your heart. You will be back out in the world again, there’s no avoiding it."

    - Thought Catalog, 13 Things Every Traveler Needs to be Reminded Of (via ashlynette)
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  10. "Listen to
    your blood.
    Go where
    it beats."

    - ||  Maza-Dohta   (via thatkindofwoman)
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  15. annie-banks:

    I decided on Friday that I really wanted some marquee letters, but vintage and even wooden ones are still hella expensive, so I used this diy tutorial. The only differences: I used 3 pieces of  poster board with a grid for easier cutting, I got two boxes of lights from Target for $10 each, I used the coin method, and I didn’t used silver spray paint. Grand total: $45.

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my latest masterpiece


    my latest masterpiece

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Is this hell
I’m legitimately scared right now


    Is this hell

    I’m legitimately scared right now

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